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Wild About Writing Workshops

Go Wild about Books!Don’t just book an author visit, book an event your students will never forget! Columbus Zoo authors Nancy Roe Pimm and Linda Stanek ignite students’ interest in reading, writing, and illustrating. Through informative and interactive workshops, Nancy and Linda teach students the craft of fiction and non-fiction writing, and the art of illustration. Nancy and Linda pre-sent to large groups, and also lead smaller writing and illustrating workshops to give students a first-hand look at how they work, while helping to build students’ own skills. The variety of the authors’ books, fiction and non-fiction, including picture books through middle grade nonfiction, meets the needs of students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Add a visit with animals from the Columbus Zoo (optional) at a discounted price, and you have a wildly wonderful educational event!

Let your students GO WILD with writing skills, creativity, and imagination, with author Nancy Roe Pimm and author/illustrator Linda Stanek. Nancy and Linda present to students, then lead writing and illustrating workshops to give students a first-hand look at how they work, while helping to build students’ own writing and creativity skills. During the writing workshop, classes break into small groups, writing stories and demonstrating that many stories can evolve from a single idea. During the illustration workshop, students examine different illustration styles, then work on an illustration patterned after Eric Carle’s collage style. Students will have the opportunity to share their finished work with their class.

On a typical day, Linda begins with a large group talk where she discusses her writing process and the necessity to revise, revise, revise. She also gives an overview of how she approaches illustration. At the end of the day, Nancy closes with a talk about her writing journey and the importance of believing in yourself and following your dreams. In between, Nancy and Linda meet with smaller groups for their workshops.

A day with the authors supports Ohio and Core Curriculum Standards in the areas of Language Arts, Fine Arts, and Science.

The author visit of Linda Stanek and Nancy Roe Pimm was a huge success for Circleville’s Elementary Schools! The visits consisted of them presenting to the different grades information about their books, being writers, and the importance of reading over the course of a two day period. It was amazing to observe the children’s excitement of learning new and interesting information such as how heavy an elephant tooth is or what the yellow flag means in a race car event. What I liked as a teacher was the children’s once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to interact with the authors and the props that they brought! Really…how often are kids going to get the opportunity to touch a real race car tire used in a race or see what a monkey biscuit looks like? The second day of their visit, both authors spent over an hour signing books for our students and families at our evening event. They took the time to get their pictures taken with the students and answer questions about their books and writing for over 275 people who attended our evening event, the most attended ever for our district. It was simply an amazing night for all! Ever since their visits I have received several emails and phone calls from staff and parents thanking me for having such wonderful authors come to our district to present to our children. On top of that, I still have children asking me when the two authors are going to be coming back, a true indicator that we picked the right authors to bring to our district! I can honestly say that Linda Stanek and Nancy Roe Pimm’s visit was simply outstanding!

Trent Roberts Library Media Specialist
Circleville City Schools District
Circleville, Ohio