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Nancy Roe Pimm is an engaging author who will work with your staff to customize the day to fit your needs. She wrote her first book at age ten, and she encourages the students to find their passion to follow dreams of their own. She works with large and small groups, and she teaches the craft of writing fiction and nonfiction to grades K-8. Presentations can be based on specific books or the craft of writing. At every visit Nancy’s goal is to inspire the students to believe in themselves and never give up!


If you are looking for an author that engages your students, collaborates with teachers and librarians to make her visit impactful, and has books for all ages, please consider Nancy Roe Pimm.  Our middle school students had the good fortune to have her visit with us twice!  She visited in the 2020 school year when in-person visits were not possible.  Her virtual visit with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students was inspiring and focused on following your dreams.  It was a perfect message for all students.

Saint Brigid of Kildare


Her second visit was in-person and consisted of a two-day writing workshop for 8th graders.  Her focus was helping them understand how to write narrative nonfiction.  Prior to her visit, she collaborated with me to make her time with them more meaningful. She gave them helpful tips and with a pre-visit activity, helped them jump-start their own narrative nonfiction story writing.  She was interesting and fun, with lots of stories to share with kids. I highly recommend her.  

Media Specialist Kelly Silwani- Olentangy Orange Middle School




Nancy Roe Pimm created an educational, engaging, and meaningful learning experience for students in a virtual format.  Her knowledge and expertise fostered learning for students, and shifted perspectives on non-fiction reading and writing. We highly recommend taking the time to hear and learn from Nancy!

Andrew Johnson, Gifted Consultant: Tri-County Educational Service Center 


My third-grade class had the wonderful opportunity to have Nancy Roe Pimm virtually visit and talk about her life as a writer. As a class, we were about to start our personal narrative unit, so it was perfect having Nancy talk to our class to help get them excited and motivated about their writing. Nancy really connected to the students and applied writing to real life experiences. Her presentation was student-focused and engaging. She went through the writing process and gave students ideas as to how to make their writing stronger and how to use a storyteller voice. After her presentation, my students were eager to dive into their writing! I highly recommend Mrs. Nancy Roe Pimm to any learning environment. Her dedication and love for books and student learning is inspirational. Any classroom would be lucky to have her expertise! 

Mrs. Allen

Tell your story! What are your dreams?


A visual and interactive PowerPoint presentation about my path to publication and the importance of believing in dreams and setting goals. Science, technology, engineering, geography, history, and literature topics are covered as we discuss some of my magazine articles and published books. Students will be encouraged to challenge the possibilities as we discuss the lives of the real people I have written about in my biographies. Like astronaut Sally Ride once said, “You can’t be what you can’t see!”

Choose from programs tailored to grades K-5 or for grades 6-8.

Q & A follows each presentation.



GRADES K-2: Topics discussed are fiction versus nonfiction, how to brainstorm and find ideas, research, who-what-where-when, great beginnings, great endings and the details in the middle. Workshop handouts supplied.

GRADES 3-8: Topics discussed are different types of nonfiction, how to harvest ideas, research, primary and secondary sources, the hook of the book, voice, organizing material, revision, the bibliography, beginnings, endings, and the messy middle. Research handouts are supplied.

And media specialist Bridget Desocio of St. Brigid of Kildare School adds:
The quality of writing that she was able to pull out of these students was remarkable. At the end of each workshop students were able to volunteer to read their non-fiction piece to the group. Mrs.Pimm not only gave them immediate feedback, she provided them with an authentic audience. I would highly recommend Nancy Roe Pimm for an author visit!


Teaching online can be challenging, especially when it comes to effectively engaging young writers. Nancy Roe Pimm ran a writer’s workshop with my 4th grade class and they were hooked! One of my students stayed on after the Google Meet had ended to share the impact this workshop had on her writing and how she “couldn’t wait to start writing!” Pimm’s workshop was not only engaging, but it also aligned with our curriculum. It fit in perfectly with what we were doing in class. If you have the opportunity to have Mrs. Pimm work with your students, I highly recommend it!

Emily Latham 



The adventurous spirit of Amelia Earhart inspired a very young Jerrie Mock. And although Amelia had disappeared while attempting to circumnavigate the globe, Jerrie Mock persisted in pursuing her childhood dream. After many bumps along the road, Jerrie Mock’s world-record attempt became a race against another female, Joan Merriam Smith. On April 17, 1964, Jerrie Mock became the first woman to fly solo around the world. Fifty years later, Jerrie mentored a young lady who was born in a refugee camp in Afghanistan. On October 4, 2017, Shaesta Waiz became the youngest woman and the first female from Afghanistan to fly around the world. While researching my book, The Jerrie Mock Story: The First Woman to Fly Solo Around the World, I had the privilege of sitting down with Jerrie Mock and getting the story first-hand. Talk about primary sources! This inspirational presentation appeals to all ages.


A fascinating look into the powerful relationships and strong bonds between military dogs and soldiers from the Civil War to Operation Iraqi Freedom. A PowerPoint presentation explores how the dogs first provided emotional support for the soldiers. Over time, the soldiers found ways to use the canine’s remarkable sense of smell and hearing. As two-footed and four-footed soldiers worked side-by-side their bond deepened and the military working dog team was born. Bonded by Battle tells the story of the evolving relationship between dogs and soldiers from the Civil War onward. Today, dog teams are active across all branches of the military. The students will learn history lessons through the stories of the dogs and soldiers that became more than buddies as they were Bonded in Battle.

Colo’s Story: One Grand Gorilla

The Columbus Zoo began with seven reindeer donated by the folks at the Columbus Dispatch. Over the years the zoo has grown to become the number one zoo in the country. The Columbus Zoo’s most famous resident, a western lowland gorilla named Colo, was the first zoo-born gorilla in the world. Before her death in January 2017, Colo set another world-record by becoming the oldest gorilla in the world at age sixty. Learn why Colo may be the reason The Columbus Zoo exists today. The author celebrates the life of Colo, the “queen” of the zoo and her many offspring in this “wild” presentation. All ages.


Full day visit: $1,200 for up to four presentations.

Half day visit: $700

Evening presentation: $300