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Colo’s Story

Release Date: March 1, 2011Publisher: Columbus ZooISBN: 978-0984155453

Colo, a Columbus Zoo gorilla, is internationally famous for being the first gorilla in the world born in captivity. Now, for the first time, Colo’s life story is told by author Nancy Roe Pimm with a foreward by Jack Hanna. Turn the pages as her amazing story unfolds, from the jungles of Africa, to The Columbus Zoo in Powell, Ohio, where Colo made history.

Praise for Colo’s Story

A surprise baby, the first zoo-born gorilla in the world, put the Columbus, Ohio, zoo on the map. Now well over 50, Colo has entertained zoo-goers, taught researchers, spurred the study and protection of gorillas in the wild and mothered five subsequent generations of gorillas now in zoos around the county. This chronicle of Colo’s life includes stories of important events and plentiful details of her daily routine. A busy design surrounds substantial text and includes numerous black-and-white and color photos taken at the zoo. Readers will be drawn in by the events of her birth, including the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation needed to revive the newborn baby found on the concrete cage floor. Raised and clothed like a human baby, she eventually became so strong and strong-willed she was caged like the other gorillas in the zoo and provided with a wild-caught mate. Although she never nursed her own babies, she did nurture grandchildren. Over the years, and with the advice of Dian Fossey, who had studied gorilla behavior in the wild, there were changes in the way gorillas were housed in Ohio and around the country. Colo and others were given a new, more interesting environment and allowed to live in family groups. Sidebars explain trading and breeding policies of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, gorilla mothering and gorilla communication. The book ends with a family tree and photo scrapbook. (endnotes, recommended reading, bibliography) (Nonfiction. 10-14) — Kirkus Reviews

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